Delaware Wildflowers

These guides started as my notes on how to distinguish the goldenrod species found in Delaware. Field guides don't list them all, and flora references list too many.

I've tried to give identifying features that are easily visible, and can be described in non-technical language. Photos showing distinguishing features are included, if I have them. Only plants that are currently found wild in Delaware are listed.

The flora of Delaware includes about 800 genera and 200 families; only a few are available here, as listed below.
AdoxaceaeMoschatel family
Viburnum Arrow-wood (just a list)
AnacardiaceaeCashew family
Rhus Sumac
ApiaceaeCarrot family
Osmorhiza Sweet-cicely
AraceaeArum family
Arisaema Jack-in-the-pulpit, Green dragon
AraliaceaeGinseng family
Aralia Aralia
Hydrocotyle Pennywort
Panax Ginseng
AsteraceaeAster family
Antennaria Pussytoes
Arctium Burdock
Aster Aster
Bidens Tick-seed, Beggar-tick, Spanish-needle
Cirsium Thistle
Erigeron Fleabane
Eurybia Aster
Eutrochium Joe-Pye weed
Helianthus Sunflower
Hieracium Hawkweed
Lactuca Lettuce
Prenanthes Rattlesnake-root
Solidago Goldenrod
Sonchus Sow-thistle
BalsaminaceaeJewel-weed family
Impatiens Jewel-weed
BrassicaceaeMustard family
Cardamine Bittercress, toothwort
CannabaceaeIndian Hemp family
Humulus Hops
ChenopodiaceaeGoosefoot family
Salicornia Glasswort
Sarcocornia Glasswort
CommelinaceaeSpiderwort family
Tradescantia Spiderwort
CucurbitaceaeGourd family
Echinocystis Mock-cucumber
Sicyos Bur-cucumber
Melothria Creeping cucumber
EuphorbiaceaeSpurge family
Acalypha Three-seeded mercury
CaryophyllaceaePink family
Spergularia Sandspurry
GentianaceaeGentian family
Gentiana Gentian
Sabatia Marsh-pink
JuglandaceaeWalnut family
Juglans Walnut & Butternut
LamiaceaeMint family
Teucrium Germander
MelastomataceaeMelastoma family
Rhexia Meadow-beauty
PlantaginaceaePlantain family
Veronica Speedwell
OxalidaceaeWood-sorrel family
Oxalis Wood-sorrel
PolygonaceaeSmartweed family
Persicaria Tearthumb, Smartweed
RanunculaceaeButtercup family
Clematis Virgin's-bower, Leatherflower
RuscaceaeRuscus family
Polygonatum Solomon's seal
ViolaceaeViolet family
Viola Violet
VitaceaeGrape family
Vitis Grape

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