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Lake Gerar, Rehoboth

Lake Gerar is near the north end of the boardwalk in Rehoboth. I've found some interesting plants there, and in 2014 that I learned that some were planted as part of a restoration project. I was told that the surrounding park used to be mowed right to the water's edge, creating an ideal spot for geese. Now there's a wide unmowed border. Without the a clear path to the water the geese don't like it, and the park paths are much cleaner.

Although these may not be truly "wild", I'll leave them on the site. Some are native plants I haven't seen anywhere else!

Achillea filipendulina Fernleaf Yarrow
Apios americana Swamp Groundnut
Asclepias tuberosa var. tuberosa Butterfly Milkweed
Chamaecyparis thyoides Atlantic White Cedar
Coreopsis lanceolata Lance-leaf Coreopsis
Decodon verticillatus Swamp Loosestrife
Dianthus barbatus Sweet-william
Elephantopus carolinianus Carolina Elephant-foot
Eupatorium capillifolium Dog-fennel Thoroughwort
Hydrocotyle umbellata Many-flowered Pennywort
Hypericum virginicum Marsh St. Johnswort
Lotus corniculatus Birds-foot Trefoil
Lysimachia terrestris Swamp Loosestrife
Sagittaria latifolia var. latifolia Broadleaf Arrowhead

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