Delaware Wildflowers

Scientific names
Click on a scientific name for a photo of the plant, or click on a letter for names beginning with that letter.

Obolaria virginica Virginia Pennywort
Oenothera biennis Biennial Evening-primrose
Oenothera humifusa Sea-beach Evening-primrose
Oenothera laciniata Cutleaf Evening-primrose
Oenothera parviflora Small Flowered Evening-primrose
Oenothera perennis Perennial Evening-primrose
Onoclea sensibilis Sensitive Fern
Ophioglossum pycnostichum Southern Adder's-tongue
Ophioglossum vulgatum Southern Adder's-tongue
Opuntia humifusa var. humifusa Eastern Prickly-pear Cactus
Orchis spectabilis Showy Orchis
Ornithogalum umbellatum Star-of-bethlehem
Orobanche uniflora One-flowered Broomrape
Orontium aquaticum Golden Club
Orthotrichum ohioense Ohio Bristle Moss
Orthotrichum stellatum Bald Bristle Moss
Osmorhiza claytonii Bland Sweet-cicely
Osmorhiza longistylis Scented Sweet-cicely
Osmunda cinnamomea Cinnamon Fern
Osmunda claytoniana var. claytoniana Interrupted Fern
Osmunda regalis var. spectabilis Royal Fern
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum var. cinnamomeum Cinnamon Fern
Oxalis corniculata Creeping Woodsorrel
Oxalis dillenii Southern Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis dillenii subsp. filipes Southern Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis florida Southern Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis stricta Upright Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis violacea Violet Woodsorrel

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