Delaware Wildflowers

Scientific names
Click on a scientific name for a photo of the plant, or click on a letter for names beginning with that letter.

Ilex opaca var. opaca American Holly
Ilex verticillata Winterberry Holly
Impatiens capensis Spotted Jewel-weed
Impatiens pallida Pale Jewel-weed
Ionactis linariifolia Flaxleaf Aster
Ipomoea hederacea Ivy-leaf Morning-glory
Ipomoea lacunosa Whitestar Morning-glory
Ipomoea pandurata Big-root Morning-glory
Iris prismatica Slender Blueflag Iris
Iris pseudacorus Yellow Iris
Iris versicolor Blueflag Iris
Isotria medeoloides Small Whorled Pogonia
Isotria verticillata Large Whorled Pogonia
Iva frutescens subsp. oraria Northern Marsh Elder

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