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Bletilla striata
May 2014

April 2013

Columbine and maidenhair fern
April 2013

New England aster
September 2012

Sweet pepperbush and yellow passionflower
July 2012

<i>Asclepias tuberosa </i>var. <i>tuberosa</i>Asclepias tuberosa var. tuberosa
Butterfly Milkweed
June 2012

Bletilla striata, a non-native orchid
June 2012

<i>Passiflora lutea </i>var. <i>lutea</i>Passiflora lutea var. lutea
Yellow Passion-flower
August 2011

Four photos of woodland lettuce. The larger plants are about 9 feet tall.
July 2011

Peach or nectarine, April 2011

Volunteer peony, May 2010

Daylily, August 2009

Baptisia, September 2008

Rabbit, July 2007

Lacecap hydrangea, June 2007

Bearded iris, May 2007

Tree peony, May 2007

<i>Sanguinaria canadensis</i>Sanguinaria canadensis
April 2007

Daylily, July 2006

Sweet pepperbush, July 2006

<i>Clethra alnifolia</i>Clethra alnifolia
Sweet Pepperbush
July 2006

Lacecap hydrangea 'Blue Billow', June 2006

Bearded iris, May 2006

Baptisia, May 2006

Groundhog, May 2006

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