Delaware Wildflowers

Click on a family name for a list of plants in that family, or click on a letter for families beginning with that letter.

Papaveraceae Poppy family
Passifloraceae Passion-flower family
Paulowniaceae Paulownia family
Penthoraceae Ditch stonecrop family
Phrymaceae Lopseed family
Phytolaccaceae Pokeweed family
Pinaceae Pine family
Plantaginaceae Plantain family
Platanaceae Plane-tree family
Plumbaginaceae Leadwort family
Poaceae Grass family
Polemoniaceae Phlox family
Polygalaceae Milkwort family
Polygonaceae Smartweed family
Polypodiaceae Polypody family
Polytricacheae Hair-cap moss family
Pontederiaceae Water-hyacinth family
Portulacaceae Purslane family
Potamogetonaceae Pondweed family
Primulaceae Primrose family
Pteridaceae Maidenhair-fern family

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