Delaware Wildflowers

Click on a family name for a list of plants in that family, or click on a letter for families beginning with that letter.

Acanthaceae Acanthus family
Acoraceae Sweetflag family
Adoxaceae Moschatel family
Agavaceae Agave family
Alismataceae Water-plantain family
Alliaceae Onion family
Altingiaceae Sweet-gum family
Amaranthaceae Amaranth family
Amaryllidaceae Amaryllis family
Amblystegiaceae Amblystegium moss family
Anacardiaceae Cashew family
Annonaceae Custard-apple family
Apiaceae Carrot family
Apocynaceae Dogbane family
Aquifoliaceae Holly family
Araceae Arum family
Araliaceae Ginseng family
Aristolochiaceae Birthwort family
Asparagaceae Asparagus family
Aspleniaceae Spleenwort family
Asteraceae Aster family
Azollaceae Mosquito Fern family

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