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Susquehanna Wildflower Trip
Delaware Nature Society program, April 25, 2019

First we visited the Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve.
I didn't get photos of everything, but there are plenty of good ones out there, for instance here and here.

Susquehanna trillium<br><i>Trillium flexipes</i> or a <i>T. erectum / flexipes</i> hybrid.
 <a href=>Here</a> is more information.Susquehanna trillium
Trillium flexipes or a T. erectum / flexipes hybrid. Here is more information.

<i>Phlox divaricata </i>var. <i>divaricata</i>Phlox divaricata var. divaricata
Blue Phlox

<i>Asarum canadense </i>var. <i>canadense</i>Asarum canadense var. canadense
Canada Wild-ginger

<i>Mertensia virginica</i>Mertensia virginica
Virginia Bluebells

<i>Maianthemum racemosum </i>subsp. <i>racemosum</i>Maianthemum racemosum subsp. racemosum
Solomon's Plume

<i>Trillium erectum</i>Trillium erectum
Red Trillium
I had never before seen a trillium with four petals.

<i>Hybanthus concolor</i>Hybanthus concolor
Green Violet

<i>Dicentra cucullaria</i>Dicentra cucullaria
Dutchman's Breeches

<a href=/?1845><i>Packera aurea</i></a><br>Golden RagwortPackera aurea
Golden Ragwort

We stopped briefly at the Rock Springs Nature Preserve, a serpentine barren.

<i>Viola fimbriatula</i>Viola fimbriatula
Blue Fringed Violet

<i>Cerastium velutinum </i>var. <i>velutinum</i>Cerastium velutinum var. velutinum
Serpentine Chickweed

<i>Pinus virginiana</i>Pinus virginiana
Virginia Pine

A very small toad, <i>Bufo americanus</i>.A very small toad, Bufo americanus.

Janet thought this might be American plum, <i>Prunus americana</i>.Janet thought this might be American plum, Prunus americana.

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