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Susquehanna Wildflower Adventure
Delaware Nature Society field trip, April 30, 2012
<i>Menispermum canadense</i>Menispermum canadense
Canada Moonseed

<i>Deparia acrostichoides</i>Deparia acrostichoides
Silvery False Spleenwort

<i>Asimina triloba</i>Asimina triloba

<i>Boechera laevigata </i>var. <i>laevigata</i>Boechera laevigata var. laevigata
Smooth Rockcress

<i>Phegopteris hexagonoptera</i>Phegopteris hexagonoptera
Broad Beech Fern

<i>Epigaea repens</i>Epigaea repens
Trailing Arbutus

<i>Houstonia caerulea</i>Houstonia caerulea

<i>Orobanche uniflora</i>Orobanche uniflora
One-flowered Broomrape

Antennaria solitariaAntennaria solitaria
Single-head pussytoes
Asteraceae — Aster family
This pussytoes species has not been found in Delaware. Our species all have multiple flower heads on each stalk; this has just one.

Antennaria solitaria
Antennaria solitaria
Single-head pussytoes
The long runners are also characteristic of this species.

<i>Rhododendron periclymenoides</i>Rhododendron periclymenoides
Pinxterbloom Azalea

Hydrophyllum canadenseHydrophyllum canadense
Bluntleaf waterleaf
This is another plant not found in Delaware. Its leaves are not as deeply lobed as our waterleaf.

Parula warblerParula warbler
One of many birds we saw. This one posed especially nicely.

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