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Violets of the Red Clay valley (and beyond)
Delaware Nature Society field trip, April 28, 2010

We saw 9 or 10 of the 20 violets on the Delaware flora checklist, and a lot of other plants, too. Thanks to Debbie for showing us the violets at our first stop, Iron Hill Park.
<i>Viola sagittata</i>Viola sagittata
Blue Arrowleaf Violet

<i>Galearis spectabilis</i>Galearis spectabilis
Showy Orchis

<i>Viola palmata</i>Viola palmata
Blue Palmate-leaved Violet
This may be what some sources call Viola triloba.

Next stop, White Clay Creek State Park.
<i>Viola pubescens </i>var. <i>scabriuscula</i>Viola pubescens var. scabriuscula
Smooth Yellow Violet

<i>Viola blanda</i>Viola blanda
Sweet White Violet

<i>Trillium cernuum</i>Trillium cernuum
Nodding Trillium

<i>Mitella diphylla</i>Mitella diphylla
Two-leaf Bishop's-cap

<i>Viola pubescens </i>var. <i>scabriuscula</i>Viola pubescens var. scabriuscula
Smooth Yellow Violet
We spent a while trying to decide whether to call this one Viola pubescens var. pubescens, the downy yellow violet. I am going to stick with var. scabriuscula.

Our last stop was the Bucktoe Creek Preserve.

<i>Viola labradorica</i>Viola labradorica
Blue American Dog Violet

<i>Viola cucullata</i>Viola cucullata
Blue Marsh Violet

<i>Viola striata</i>Viola striata
Striped White Violet

<i>Viola sororia</i>Viola sororia
Common Blue Violet
This is the common blue violet that is found almost everywhere.

<i>Viola rotundifolia</i>Viola rotundifolia
Yellow Roundleaf Violet
Past bloom. This was not actually in the preserve, but on a nearby roadside.

Copyright David G. Smith

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