Nottingham County Park
Delaware Nature Society field trip, September 23, 2008

We saw many of the same plants as on this Delaware Native Plant Society trip, two years earlier to the day.  Shown here are some that I didn't photograph on that trip.
Linum virginianum (?)
Linum virginianum (?)
Virginia flax
Linaceae — Flax family

Polygonum tenuePolygonum tenue
Slender knotweed
Polygonaceae — Smartweed family

Eupatorium rotundifoliumEupatorium rotundifolium
Roundleaf Thoroughwort
Asteraceae — Aster family

Banded Garden Spider <i>(Argiope trifasciata)</i>Banded Garden Spider (Argiope trifasciata)

Sabatia angularisSabatia angularis
Square-stemmed rose pink
Gentianaceae — Gentian family

Agalinis purpureaAgalinis purpurea
Large-purple false-foxglove
Scrophulariaceae — Figwort family

Pinus rigida
Pinus rigida
Pitch pine
Pinaceae — Pine family

Erechtites hieraciifoliaErechtites hieraciifolia
Asteraceae — Aster family

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