Huckleberry Pond
Delaware Native Plant Society field trip, August 23, 2008

Huckleberry Pond is in Sussex County, northeast of Milton.  We were warned about mud and bugs, but saw no mud and very few bugs.  Here are some photos from the pond and a nearby rich woods area.
This is a big area — about 1/4 mile to the other end.This is a big area — about 1/4 mile to the other end.

Eleocharis tricostata
Eleocharis tricostata
Three-angle spike-rush
Cyperaceae — Sedge family

Ludwigia sphaerocarpaLudwigia sphaerocarpa
Globe-fruited false-loosestrife
Onagraceae — Evening Primrose family

Lindernia dubia var. anagallideaLindernia dubia var. anagallidea
False pimpernel
Scrophulariaceae — Figwort family

Coreopsis roseaCoreopsis rosea
Rose coreopsis — globally rare

Rhexia virginicaRhexia virginica
Virginia meadow beauty
Melastomataceae — Melastoma family

Xyris difformisXyris difformis
Pink-based yellow-eyed-grass
Xyridaceae — Yellow-Eyed-Grass family

Xyris smallianaXyris smalliana
Small's yellow-eyed-grass
Xyridaceae — Yellow-Eyed-Grass family

Yellow-eyed-grass was abundant.Yellow-eyed-grass was abundant.

Agastache nepetoidesAgastache nepetoides
Yellow giant hyssop
Lamiaceae — Mint family

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