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Cupcakes by Marjorie — 2013
and other confections

Pineapple<br>December 28Pineapple
December 28

Cherry-almond<br>December 23Cherry-almond
December 23

Chocolate<br>December 20Chocolate
December 20

Blueberry<br>December 14Blueberry
December 14

Coconut<br>December 7Coconut
December 7

Orange-cranberry-walnut<br>December 1Orange-cranberry-walnut
December 1

Cherry-white chocolate<br>November 22Cherry-white chocolate
November 22

Cherry-filled almond<br>November 16Cherry-filled almond
November 16

Butter pecan crumb with peach-apricot filling<br>November 8Butter pecan crumb with peach-apricot filling
November 8

Chocolate with chocolate or peanut butter filling<br>November 4Chocolate with chocolate or peanut butter filling
November 4

Pumpkin<br>October 30Pumpkin
October 30

Black walnut<br>October 25Black walnut
October 25

Orange<br>October 19Orange
October 19

Apple<br>October 12Apple
October 12

Chocolate<br>October 10Chocolate
October 10

Lemon<br>October 5Lemon
October 5

Chocolate & vanilla<br>september 27Chocolate & vanilla
september 27

Chocolate<br>September 20Chocolate
September 20

Butter pecan<br>September 13Butter pecan
September 13

Apple<br>September 8Apple
September 8

Blackberry<br>September 4Blackberry
September 4

Best cherry ever<br>August 27Best cherry ever
August 27

Zucchini<br>August 14Zucchini
August 14

Peach<br>August 10Peach
August 10

Chocolate chip<br>July 30Chocolate chip
July 30

Lemon - blackberry<br>July 25Lemon - blackberry
July 25

Chocolate with black walnuts<br>July 16Chocolate with black walnuts
July 16

Blueberry<br>July 12Blueberry
July 12

Peach<br>July 6Peach
July 6

Coconut & piña colada<br>June 30Coconut & piña colada
June 30

Chocolate & vanilla<br>June 28Chocolate & vanilla
June 28

Snickerdoodle<br>June 27Snickerdoodle
June 27

Cherry<br>June 15Cherry
June 15

Banana<br>June 5Banana
June 5

Vanilla with strawberry frosting<br>June 1Vanilla with strawberry frosting
June 1

Lemon<br>May 29Lemon
May 29

Chocolate with almond buttercream<br>May 23Chocolate with almond buttercream
May 23

Blueberry minis<br>May 18Blueberry minis
May 18

Raspberry<br>May 11Raspberry
May 11

Almond with cherry filling and chocolate buttercream<br>May 7Almond with cherry filling and chocolate buttercream
May 7

Cherry limeade<br>May 1Cherry limeade
May 1


Chocolate covered cherry<br>April 24Chocolate covered cherry
April 24

Black walnut with orange curd filling<br>April 20Black walnut with orange curd filling
April 20

Pomegranate with pomegranate curd filling<br>April 17Pomegranate with pomegranate curd filling
April 17

Orange with chocolate ganache or orange filling<br>April 11Orange with chocolate ganache or orange filling
April 11

Cashew with dulce de leche or orange filling<br>April 4Cashew with dulce de leche or orange filling
April 4

Coconut and cheesecake filled<br>March 29Coconut and cheesecake filled
March 29

Triple berry<br>March 23Triple berry
March 23

Chocolate with chocolate chips and ganache filling<br>March 21Chocolate with chocolate chips and ganache filling
March 21

Vanilla with Irish Cream pastry cream filling and <a href=''>Irish Potatoes</a><br>March 15Vanilla with Irish Cream pastry cream filling and Irish Potatoes
March 15

Strawberry<br>March 12Strawberry
March 12

Mango<br>March 9Mango
March 9

Lemon corn meal<br>March 4Lemon corn meal
March 4

Triple nut triple chocolate chip<br>March 3Triple nut triple chocolate chip
March 3

German chocolate<br>February 24German chocolate
February 24

Best peach cupcakes ever<br>February 20Best peach cupcakes ever
February 20

Churros<br>February 18Churros
February 18

Chocolate black walnut<br>February 14Chocolate black walnut
February 14

Spice caramel pear<br>February 8Spice caramel pear
February 8

Strawberry colada<br>February 2Strawberry colada
February 2

Chocolate butter pecan & lemon blueberry mini cupcakes<br>January 27Chocolate butter pecan & lemon blueberry mini cupcakes
January 27

Chocolate raspberry<br>January 24Chocolate raspberry
January 24

Strawberry<br>January 19Strawberry
January 19

Coconut<br>January 18Coconut
January 18

Butter pecan with chocolate chunks<br>January 12Butter pecan with chocolate chunks
January 12

Lemon & strawberry mini cupcakes<br>January 5Lemon & strawberry mini cupcakes
January 5

Heath bar<br>January 1Heath bar
January 1

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