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Cupcakes by Marjorie — 2010

Devil's food<br>December 29Devil's food
December 29

Chocolate-almond & lemon-coconut<br>December 24Chocolate-almond & lemon-coconut
December 24

Key lime<br>December 20Key lime
December 20

Buttermilk raspberry & chocolate mint<br>December 17Buttermilk raspberry & chocolate mint
December 17

Carrot-peanut butter for <a href=nikki.php>Nikki</a>'s birthday<br>December 8Carrot-peanut butter for Nikki's birthday
December 8

Chocolate-raspberry & chocolate-peanut butter<br>December 8Chocolate-raspberry & chocolate-peanut butter
December 8

Red velvet<br>November 29Red velvet
November 29

S'mores<br>November 27S'mores
November 27

Stuffing with andouille and chestnuts <i>(by David)</i><br>November 16Stuffing with andouille and chestnuts (by David)
November 16

Apple spice<br>November 13Apple spice
November 13

Chocolate chip<br>November 5Chocolate chip
November 5

Raspberry - white chocolate<br>October 24Raspberry - white chocolate
October 24

Streusel<br>October 21Streusel
October 21

Chocolate-orange with cream cheese filling<br>October 18Chocolate-orange with cream cheese filling
October 18

Caramel apple<br>October 15Caramel apple
October 15

Lemon-coconut with citrus filling <i>(by David)</i><br>October 10Lemon-coconut with citrus filling (by David)
October 10

Chocolate-mint<br>October 5Chocolate-mint
October 5

Ricotta-lime with lime glaze and whipped cream<br>October 4Ricotta-lime with lime glaze and whipped cream
October 4

Snickerdoodle<br>September 30Snickerdoodle
September 30

Coconut macaroon with almond filling and dark & white chocolate ganache<br>September 26Coconut macaroon with almond filling and dark & white chocolate ganache
September 26

Lemon cream pie<br>September 22Lemon cream pie
September 22

Boston cream pie<br>September 22Boston cream pie
September 22

Pumpkin cupcakes with marzipan pumpkins<br>September 19Pumpkin cupcakes with marzipan pumpkins
September 19

Strawberry<br>September 16Strawberry
September 16

Lemon-coconut, chocolate, & strawberry<br>September 11Lemon-coconut, chocolate, & strawberry
September 11

Dark chocolate<br>September 9Dark chocolate
September 9

Lemon meringue<br>September 6Lemon meringue
September 6

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