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Or more accurately, arthropods.
<i>Cucullia convexipennis</i>Cucullia convexipennis
Brown-hooded Owlet

<i>Lycorma delicatula</i>Lycorma delicatula
Spotted Lanternfly

Amphibolips quercusinanisAmphibolips quercusinanis
Oak apple wasp galls
Middle Run, May 2020

Cicada,the backyard, October 2019Cicada,the backyard, October 2019

Arilus cristatusArilus cristatus
Wheel bug on groundsel tree
Cape Henlopen State Park, September 2019

Phyciodes tharosPhyciodes tharos
Pearl crescent butterflies on yarrow
Cape Henlopen State Park, June 2019

Vanessa atalantaVanessa atalanta
Red admiral
Ashland, May 2019

Bugs on Mikania scandens
Cape Henlopen State Park, August 2018

Junonia coeniaJunonia coenia
Buckeye on Solidago sempervirens
Rehoboth Beach, September 2017

Bombus sp.Bombus sp.
Bumblebee on Solidago sempervirens
Rehoboth Beach, September 2017

Euchaetes egleEuchaetes egle
Milkweed tussock moth caterpillar on Asclepias incarnata
The backyard, August 2017

Five-legged grasshopper, Cape Henlopen State Park, September 2017Five-legged grasshopper, Cape Henlopen State Park, September 2017

Cupido comyntasCupido comyntas
Eastern Tailed-blue
White Clay Creek, September 2016

Mill Race Trail, Newark, June 2016Mill Race Trail, Newark, June 2016

Bombus sp.Bombus sp.
Bumblebee on Asclepias purpurascens
Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area, June 2016

Oncopeltus fasciatusOncopeltus fasciatus
Milkweed bug on Asclepias syriaca
Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area, June 2016

Malacosoma americanaMalacosoma americana
Eastern tent caterpillar
White Clay Creek, May 2016

Judge Morris Estate, October 2015Judge Morris Estate, October 2015

Hornet nest<br>September 2015Hornet nest
September 2015

Wasp on <a href=plant.php?id=1382><i>Panax trifolius</i></a><br>April 2015Wasp on Panax trifolius
April 2015

Wasp on <a href=plant.php?id=0843><i>Euthamia graminifolia</i></a><br>September 2014Wasp on Euthamia graminifolia
September 2014

Caterpillar on <a href=plant.php?id=1904><i>Solidago caesia</i></a><br>September 2014Caterpillar on Solidago caesia
September 2014

Spider on <a href=plant.php?id=2009><i>Tipularia discolor</i></a><br>August 2014Spider on Tipularia discolor
August 2014

July 2014July 2014

Luna moth<br>May 2014Luna moth
May 2014

Stroud Preserve, September 2013Stroud Preserve, September 2013

<i>Symphyotrichum lanceolatum </i>var. <i>latifolium</i>Symphyotrichum lanceolatum var. latifolium
Broad-leaf Panicled Aster
Stroud Preserve, September 2013

Eacles imperialisEacles imperialis
Imperial moth caterpillar
Unionville Barrens, September 2013

Phosphila turbulentaPhosphila turbulenta
Turbulent phosphila caterpillar
Unionville Barrens, September 2013

Judge Morris Estate, June 2013Judge Morris Estate, June 2013

<a href=>Wool sower</a> gall on white oak<br>Killens Pond State Park, May 2013Wool sower gall on white oak
Killens Pond State Park, May 2013

Bug on <a href=plant.php?id=1891><i>Smilax pulverulenta</i></a><br>Middle Run, May 2013Bug on Smilax pulverulenta
Middle Run, May 2013

Bees<br>August 10, 2012Bees
August 10, 2012

Bees<br>August 7, 2012Bees
August 7, 2012

Butterfly on <a href=plant.php?id=0279><i>Cakile edentula</i></a><br>Rehoboth Beach, August 2011Butterfly on Cakile edentula
Rehoboth Beach, August 2011

Spider on <a href=plant.php?id=0725><i>Dryopteris marginalis</i></a><br>White Clay Creek State Park, August 2011Spider on Dryopteris marginalis
White Clay Creek State Park, August 2011

White Clay Creek, July 2011White Clay Creek, July 2011

Bee and <a href=plant.php?id=0638><i>Desmodium canadense</i><br></a>July 2011Bee and Desmodium canadense
July 2011

<a href=><i>Cicindela sexguttata</i></a>?<br>Six-spotted tiger beetle<br>Blackbird State Forest, May 2011Cicindela sexguttata?
Six-spotted tiger beetle
Blackbird State Forest, May 2011

Horseshoe crab<br>Cape Henlopen State Park, April 2011Horseshoe crab
Cape Henlopen State Park, April 2011

Velvet mite<br>April 2011Velvet mite
April 2011

Carolina mantis <i>(Stagmomantis carolina)</i><br>October 2009Carolina mantis (Stagmomantis carolina)
October 2009

<a href=><i>Toxomerus geminatus</i></a>?<br>Eastern Calligrapher<br>Middle RunToxomerus geminatus?
Eastern Calligrapher
Middle Run

Bee on beechdrops, Middle Run, September 2009Bee on beechdrops, Middle Run, September 2009

Monarch butterfly <i>(Danaus plexippus)</i>Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)

<a href=>Beech blight aphids<a/>Beech blight aphids

Middle Run, August 2009Middle Run, August 2009

Caterpillar on <i>Solidago caesia</i><br>White Clay Creek, October 2008Caterpillar on Solidago caesia
White Clay Creek, October 2008

Caterpillar on <i>Heteranthera reniformis</i><br>White Clay Creek, October 2008Caterpillar on Heteranthera reniformis
White Clay Creek, October 2008

Grasshopper<br>Nottingham County Park, September 2008Grasshopper
Nottingham County Park, September 2008

Banded Garden Spider <i>(Argiope trifasciata)</i><br>Nottingham County Park, September 2008Banded Garden Spider (Argiope trifasciata)
Nottingham County Park, September 2008

<a href=><i>Enallagma</i> sp.</a><br>Damselfly<br>Paper Mill Park, September 2008Enallagma sp.
Paper Mill Park, September 2008

Eastern Tailed Blue <i>(Cupido comyntas)</i><br>Middle Run, September 2008Eastern Tailed Blue (Cupido comyntas)
Middle Run, September 2008

European hornet and cicadaEuropean hornet and cicada

European hornets <i>(Vespa crabro)</i><br>September 2008European hornets (Vespa crabro)
September 2008

Monarch butterfly <i>(Danaus plexippus)</i><br>Hillside Mill Road, August 2008Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)
Hillside Mill Road, August 2008

Cicada<br>Lewes, August 2008Cicada
Lewes, August 2008

Cicada<br>Deacons Walk Park, August 2008Cicada
Deacons Walk Park, August 2008

Spider<br>Middle Run, June 2008Spider
Middle Run, June 2008

Caterpillar on cattail <i>(Typha latifolia)</i><br>White Clay Creek State Park, July 2007Caterpillar on cattail (Typha latifolia)
White Clay Creek State Park, July 2007

Spider<br>Middle Run, April 2007Spider
Middle Run, April 2007

Moth<br>Middle Run, April 2007Moth
Middle Run, April 2007

Praying mantis<br>September 2006Praying mantis
September 2006

<a href=>Narceus americanus-annularis-complex</a><br>American giant millipede<br>Brandywine Creek State Park, May 2006Narceus americanus-annularis-complex
American giant millipede
Brandywine Creek State Park, May 2006

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