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Unionville Barrens
Delaware Nature Society field trip, September 12, 2013

Phosphila turbulentaPhosphila turbulenta
Turbulent phosphila caterpillar
It was placed on the oak leaf for the picture. They feed on Smilax.

<i>Asclepias verticillata</i>Asclepias verticillata
Whorled Milkweed

<i>Ageratina aromatica</i>Ageratina aromatica
Lesser Snakeroot

<i>Sorghastrum nutans</i>Sorghastrum nutans
Yellow Indian-grass

<i>Cerastium velutinum </i>var. <i>velutinum</i>Cerastium velutinum var. velutinum
Serpentine Chickweed

<i>Quercus prinoides</i>Quercus prinoides
Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

<i>Hypericum gentianoides</i>Hypericum gentianoides
Orange-grass St. John's-wort

<i>Sabatia angularis</i>Sabatia angularis
Square-stemmed Rose Pink

Polygala verticillata var. verticillata
Polygala verticillata var. verticillata
Whorled milkwort
var. isocycla is found in Delaware.

Eacles imperialisEacles imperialis
Imperial moth caterpillar
The caterpillar was 3-4" long; the adult wingspan can be over 6 inches.

<i>Cunila origanoides</i>Cunila origanoides

Symphyotrichum depauperatum
Symphyotrichum depauperatum
Serpentine aster

<i>Schizachyrium scoparium </i>var. <i>scoparium</i>Schizachyrium scoparium var. scoparium
Little Bluestem
With banded net-wing.

<i>Solidago nemoralis </i>var. <i>nemoralis</i>Solidago nemoralis var. nemoralis
Gray Goldenrod

<i>Viburnum dilatatum</i>Viburnum dilatatum
Exotic Arrow-wood
The only non-native plant shown here.

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